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GFCI Outlet

GFCI Receptacle Outlet

GFCI Outlet is also called Receptacle type GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets (GFCIs) are designed to reduce risk of electric shock. Building code requires GFCIs to be used in “wet”areas, such as: laundry rooms, kitchen, bathroom. GFCIs damaged by lightning or electrical surges may fail to provide adequate protection. 

For making sure that your GFCIs work properly, they need to be tested regularly, about once every couple of months. GFCI outlets have TEST and a RESET button. 
Pressing the TEST button will trip the outlet, breaking the circuit. You should hear a pop* when you press this button. To restore the circuit, press the RESET button.

GFI outlet: Ground Fault Interrupter outlets

120Volt, NEMA5-15R, 2P, 3W, Decora plus duplex receptacle, straight blade, Smart Lock,
GFCI ground fault, Feed- thru wired, Steel strap, color is optional.

Amperage: 15Amp and 20Amp
Input Voltage Range: 102-132 VAC
NEMA: 5-15R and 5-20R
Pole: 2
Wire: 3
Termination: Back and Side 20Amp feed-thru
Face material: Thermoplastic
Body Material: Thermoplastic
Strap material: Steel
Standards & certifications: 2003 Version UL/cUL approval
Dielectric---Withstands 1500V per UL 498
Current Limit:10kA
Temperature Rise: Max.30'C after 50 cyc OL 150 pct rate current

3001 15A GFCI outlet without LED indicator
15A GFCI outlet

3002 20A GFCI outlet without LED indicator
20A GFCI outlet

3003 15A GFCI outlet with LED indicator
15A GFCI receptacle outlet

3004 20A GFCI outlet with LED indicator
20A GFCI receptacle outlet

3005 GFCI receptacle
GFCI receptacle outlet

3006 receptacle GFCI outlet
GFCI receptacle

3007 GFCI outlet receptacle
GFCI outlet  receptacle

3008 GFCI receptacle outlet
GFCI outlets

3009A GFCI outlets
receptacle GFCI outlet

3009B GFCI receptacle
3009B GFCI outlet