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ZJB200A series DC contactor

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ZJB200A series DC contactor

ZJB200Acontact is applicable for electric control system of communication power supply and other electronic control devices
Brief Technical Data:

Number Type and parameters Coil and rated volt of contact circuit(v)
12 24 30 36 40 48 72 80
1 ZJB200A coil hold current(A)   0.36       0.25    
2 main rated load current of contact circuit Resistive loadて=1ms,inductive load 60%Icfor resistive load, ZJB200A
3 )main rated load current of contact circuit(A) 200A
4 voltage 50Hz 1000V AC 1min
5 Operating time Pickup(contact makes):≯30ms, Release(contact breaks):≯30ms
6 Action characteristic Pickup(contact makes):≯66%Us,
Release(contact breaks):≯30%Us,≮5% Us
7 Mechanical life 300 thousand times
8 Electric life Resistive load(て=1ms):lle,1 million times inductive load(DC-5): 60%le for Resistive load ,5million times

1、Specifications subject to change as the custom request
Environmental condition:
1. Ambient temperature:-25~+40℃
2. Altitude range:0~2000m
3. Max.relative humidity90% at 25℃
4. Vibration:10~50Hz,10m/s2
5. Shock:30m/s2
6. Installation method:anywhere
7. Voltage fluctuating:0.7~1.1Ue
8. Duty:8h continuous
Configurational mounting diagram:

200A series DC contactor